Use System Restore in Windows 8

System Restore works by automatically taking snapshots of your system’s state before any operation that makes significant changes to the operating system. These snapshots are called restore points and include crucial operating system files and certain parts of the registry that could be altered by the pending change operation.Go to the System Protection tab of the System Properties dialog box, where you can launch a restore operation, configure System Restore’s settings, and manually create restore points.By default, System Restore is configured to use between one and three percent of the space on your hard disk. The amount that it uses will vary depending on the total size of your hard disk. As the allotted of space fills up with restore points, System Restore deletes older restore points to make room for new ones. This system works well, but if you want to be able to have more restore points available, you can increase the size by adjusting the position of the Max Usage slider.When a change causes your system to act strangely, you can undo that change by performing a system restore operation.

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