How to activate Windows 7

This Windows tutorial explains how to activate Windows 7 on your personal computer.You must activate your Windows 7 within 30 days of installation. Activation helps verify that Windows 7 on your PC is genuine.To activate your Windows 7, you’ll need your Windows 7 product key. You can find your Windows 7 product key on the computer in a confirmation email if you purchased and downloaded your Windows 7 online.

How to activate Windows 7 online

You should be online, i.e. to have a Internet connection to activate Windows 7 online. To activate your Windows 7 online use the following steps:1. Click the Start button, right-clicking Computer, click Properties, and then click Activate Windows now. 2. If Windows 7 detects an Internet connection, click Activate Windows online now. You could be prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, if so you should provide it. 3. You should type your Windows 7 product key, click Next, and then follow the recommends you to use only licensed Windows software, so do not hesitate to activate your Windows 7.

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