How to Choose the Best Windows VPS Hosting Provider

This Windows tutorial explains how to choose the best Windows VPS hosting provider.First of all you should find a Windows VPS hosting provider which is offering a VPS web hosting services in your location. The location is important for the response time. By example if you are targeting US based customers, then it will be better to use USA Windows VPS.The second important factor is to find a hosting provider which supports your Windows Server OS, by example if you need to use Windows 2012 server, make sure that the selected host offer it. Some hosts offer Windows 2008, some Windows 2012 and other both Windows 2012/2008.The last step is to look for the Windows VPS hosting resources as Uptime and Disk Space, Monthly Data Transfer. The control panel is also important if you prefer to use managed VPS hosting. Check if you receive SQL server installed or you should order it as add-on. And finally make sure that the Host provide at least 30 day money back guarantee!

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